Phoebus Tactical Flashlights and Manufacturing

The Phoebus Company is a privately owned lighting production and manufacturing business based in San Carlos, California . Since incorporating in 1974, Phoebus has established a worldwide reputation for quality products, innovative design and high production values.

The Ultra Arc™ theatrical followspot, their flagship product, pioneered an industry swing in the late 1970s to the use of compact HID lamphouse sources to replace carbon arcs.

In 1986, the San Francisco company played a major roll in lighting the Statue of Liberty for her centennial celebration in New York harbor. Closer to home, they engineered illumination spectaculars for the 50th birthdays of both the Golden Gate and San Francisco Bay Bridges.

Phoebus designed and manufactured the high intensity beacon at the tip of the Transamerica Pyramid in SF and renovated the historic Lindberg Beacon the sits atop the Los Angeles City Hall.

The company has produced special lighting sequences for several major motion pictures, including "Batman Returns," "Batman and Robin," "Leap of Faith" and "Miss Congeniality."

Phoebus Manufacturing's Silver Beam™ xenon searchlights are seeing duty overseas with the U.S. armed forces and in high security installations at home.

Phoebus Tactical, the company's newest division, brings over 35 years of a proven commitment to innovation, quality products and manufacturing know-how to the personal lighting marketplace.