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1200 Lumen Diving Flashlight 1200 Lumen Diving Flashlight

1200 Lumen Rechargeable Diving Flashlight. Waterproof to a depth of 100 meters.

Our Price: $158.00
400 Lumen Diving Flashlight Diving Light 400 Lumen

400 Lumen Rechargeable Diving Flashlight is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters.

Our Price: $84.95

Phoebus Tactical's Dive Flashlights, Diving Lights and Spotlights, Submersible Light, Underwater Flashlights & More!

Ever SCUBA diver knows the importance of a high quality Dive Light. Every diver should not go in the water without at least two diving lights as part of their safety gear. A good diving flashlight should not only be waterproof, it should also be super bright, powerful, reliable and tough enough to withstand the abuse of deep underwater dives. All of our dive lights have a three color battery life indicator to insure you are never left in the dark on your dives. Our diver lights are operated by a unique magnetic switch which can easily be rotated by thumb and forefinger while holding the flashlight in one hand. We offer some of the best diving flashlights on the market.

Check out our line of MagicShine LED 100 meter dive lights. They are lightweight, high brightness diving flashlights. They have long run times, utilize rechargeable batteries, and have a unique low battery indicators. US made Luminous and CREE LEDs for long life and durability.

Our offerings include:

  • MagicShine PMJ-852 LED 400 Lumen Diving Light
  • MagicShine PMJ-876 LED 1200 Lumen Diving Flashlight